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If you live in Colorado and are looking for hardwood flooring, carpet installation, or tile installation then you’ve come to the right place!

Here is what we can do for you:

Carpet Tiles

Engineered Wood
Hard Flooring

We offer any type of flooring that you'd like so if there is something that draws your attention from this table then please use our custom order form to put together your preferences. You can find it by clicking on CUSTOM ORDER FORM at the top of the screen.

 We have been in business since early 2012 and we’ve been busy with custom jobs ever since.  We currently have a three man staff which helps us ensure personal and custom service to all of our customers.  We can also keep costs down by having a small staff which allows us to relay savings onto you and the rest of the state of Colorado!  We work with very unique suppliers for all of our products and only use the finest material, tools, and craftsmanship .

“We don’t leave anything behind but a beautiful floor”

We are always looking for new customers so that we can stay busy and get our name out in the Colorado area.  We work primarily in Grand Junction, Rifle, Meeker, and the surrounding areas. Check out the locations tab at the top of the page to see which areas of Colorado we serve for custom hardwood flooring.  If you live in an area that is not included in our list of locations then please call us at 970-274-3763 so that we can see what your options are.  We’re ALWAYS willing to keep you happy so if that means traveling then we’re willing to do it!

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Hardwood flooring, Hardwood floors, Carpet Installation, and Tile Installation are our specialty but we are experts in every type of flooring that exists.  Even though our business was officially established in 2012 we have been installing flooring types since 2005.  We originally started in Arkansas with carpet but have since migrated to Colorado while picking up several installation methods and techniques.  Hardwood flooring Colorado is a great option for you because there is nothing better than walking into a nice clean house with beautiful hardwood floors.  We encourage our customers to put hardwood flooring in as many rooms as possible because of all the benefits that come with hardwood.  You can also maintain it very easily with little up front cost.  We have our NEWEST products page that offers just about everything you’ll need to maintain your hardwood flooring.

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Hardwood Flooring Colorado has been home sweet home to us since 2012 and we’re excited to offer our services to as many families as we can.  We are working as hard as we can to offer quality service and travel as far, both in vehicles and customer service, as we need to in order to make you happy.  We love our customers and our customers love us, especially after we finish the job!  Call today for Hardwood Flooring Colorado and a FREE quote!